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Volume 03 Issue 02, 2019 (June)

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Qingyu Zhu

Yitong Chen

Baoshun Zhuang

Jingyu Zhai

Qingkai Han

Experimental Study on Crack Arrest of Thin Plate Based on Surface Nano-coating Technology 46~65  PDF

Junzhe Lin

Yitong Chen

Qingyu Zhu

Qingkai Han

Optimized Design of Vibration Reduction for Aviation Hydraulic Pipeline System 66~77  PDF

Shuo Han

Qingpeng Han

Vibration Characteristics of Periodic-Structured Cantilever Rods 78~92  PDF

Haobo Wang

Zhong Luo

Summary of Cyber-Physical System 93~100  PDF

Jianning Zhu

Xingchen Guo

Efficient Three-Axis NC Tool-Path Generation for Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surface 101~119  PDF