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Volume 02 Issue 04, 2018 (December)

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Baoshan Huang

Kuanfang He

Qinghua Lu

Kai Wang

Application of the Stockwell transforms to test the welding crack acoustic emission signal 279~289  PDF

Lei Zhang

Jiangang Duan

The Method of Adjusting Ultrasonic Testing Sensitivity by Calculation for Intermediate Blank of TC17 Alloy Forging 290~300  PDF

Jiecheng Ding

Bo Yuan

Xiaodong Li

Cong Yue

Qingkai Han

Wei Sun

Research on Ultrasonic Calibration Method of Contacting surface Pressure Based on Fillet Plane Contact 301~311  PDF

Pengwei Sun

Yadong Sun

Wei Sun

Wei Zhang

Analysis of short-term relaxation effects under nonparallel contact 312~324  PDF

Bowen Hou

Yadong Sun

Wei Sun

Wei Zhang

The properties of bolted joint assembly with contact stiffness 325~342  PDF

Cunjian Zou

Jingyu Zhai

Qingkai Han

Influence of the Change of Pre-tightening Forces State and Loosening on Modal and Vibration Response of DiscDrum Component 343~363  PDF