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Volume 02 Issue 02, 2018 (June)

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Jie Tang

Chenpeng Sheng

Xiangwen Kong

Yongheng Shi

On the Collaborative Production Mode of Equipment Manufacturing Industry During the Transition to Service-Oriented Manufacturing 123~135  PDF

Tienan Cao

Jixing Yang

Fusen Ji

Investigation on Delamintion Damage of a Composite Cross-Joint 136~145  PDF

Tienan Cao

Fusen Ji

Reliability Analysis on Bolt Connection Structure of Compressor Rotor 146~155  PDF

Qingbin Han

Jing Sun

Cooperating Innovation Makes Successful Education for Innovative Talents 156~164  PDF

Jingqi Zhang

Qian Sun

Qingyu Zhu

Jingyu Zhai

Zhong Luo

Qingkai Han

Optimal Design for Reinforcement Forms of Thin-walled Structure 165~179  PDF

Qingkai Han

Shuo Han

Pingping Ma

Qingyu Zhu

Siqun Ma

Tianmin Guan

Zhong Luo

Vibration Characteristics and Isolation of a Diesel Engine and Electric Generator System 180~199  PDF

Hao Zhang

Gaoshan Wei

Xu Chen

Zhong Luo

Qingkai Han

Dynamic Similarity Design of Geared Rotor System in Five-Shaft Integrally Centrifugal Compressor 200~210  PDF