Past Issue


Volume 01 Issue 01, 2017 (April)


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Yicheng Yang

HaoHao Kang

Yi Zhu

A Survey of Security Problems in Content Centric Networking 1~11  PDF

Xiangying Guo

Dameng Liu

Wei Zhang

Nonlinear Dynamical Responses of Composite Laminated Shells with Transverse Excitation 12~33  PDF

Hui Ma

Xinxing Ma

Qingkai Han

Bangchun Wen

Fault Characteristic Analysis of a Rubbing Rotor in the Presence of Pedestal Looseness 34~54  PDF
 04 Qingkai Han Health Monitoring and Vibratory Fault Prediction of Rotating Machinery 55~79  PDF

Haopeng Liu

Ying Ma

Yunpeng Zhu

Zhong Luo

REFOR algorithm of the dynamic parametrical modeling on Multi-Degree of Freedom systems 80~92  PDF

Shengwen Shi

He Li

The Stability Study of Stick-slip Vibrations in Deep Hole Drilling 93~103  PDF

Zhen Li

Khan Farhan

Xiao-Dong Yang

Nonlinear Dynamic Model of a Rotating ElasticUniform Euler-Bernoulli Beam in 3D Space 104~116  PDF

Yuxi Yu

Fansen Xia

Fabrication of Multi-Scale MicrostructuredSiCNO Films via Block Copolymer Microphase-Separation Approaches 117~123  PDF

Han Qingpeng

Li Tiancheng

Zhu Rui

Li Chenchen

Research on Vibration Signals of Gearbox in Wind Turbines Under Different Load With Hilbert Huang Transform Method 124~132  PDF